Terreform ONE [Open Network Ecology] For almost a decade our group has completed
a prodigious amount of smart green design projects across the globe. Through our
selective creative endeavors and long standing commitment to research in practice, we strive
to illuminate the environmental possibilities of any given c

Terreform ONE is a multidisciplinary consortium of biologists, artists, architects, and
researchers of all backgrounds to participate in the larger framework of socio-ecological
design. The group develops innovative solution spaces and technologies for local
sustainability in
buildings, energy, transportation, infrastructure, waste treatment, food, and
water. These systems are directly derived from the close interface of synthetic biology,
and art.

Terreform ONE is the winner of the following awards:
Official Selection of the Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition 2014 and OfficeUS Outpost of
the American Pavilion.

Architizer A+ Award for Architecture + Communication, Bio City Map of 11 Billion.

American Institute of Architects New York, Urban Design Merit Award for; Urbaneer Resilient  Waterfront  
Infrastructure, 2013.

Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award for Urbaneering Brooklyn, in the Design for the Real World Redux
International Design Competition sponsored by the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the Austrian Cultural
Forum NY, and the Museum of Arts and Design.

Zumtobel Group Award for Sustainability and Humanity for the project, New York City Resource & Mobility.

Infiniti Design Excellence Award, History Channel City of the Future competition.
The Future of New York City 2106:
MOVIE. All volunteers directed by Dr. Mitchell Joachim.

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Architecture Group for Smart City Design, Ecological Planning, and Art.