INTENTION: Terreform ONE [Open Network Ecology] is a nonprofit architecture and urban design research-based consulting group. We endeavour to combat the extinction of all planetary species through pioneering acts of design. Our projects aim to illuminate the environmental possibilities of habitats, cities and landscapes across the globe.

OPERATION: We operate as an interdisciplinary lab of specialists advancing the practice of socio-ecological design. The group cultivates resilience through innovations in building, transportation, infrastructure, water, food, waste treatment, air quality, and energy.

APPROACH: Our collaborative process includes speculating about the ways in which emerging technologies will impact future urban generations and local biodiversity. As an organization we strive to develop inclusive spaces and systems that manifest environmental and social justice for all beings.



All divisions and TERRE-formative operations were founded by Mitchell Joachim and Maria Aiolova in 2006. After having completed his PhD at MIT and achieving emeritus status from a series of luminary architectural offices (I.M. Pei, Frank Gehry, Moshe Safdie), Mitchell founded the group with Maria, a fellow graduate from Harvard. Our unique name was derived from the combination of the words: "terre" (earth, soil) and "reform" (rebuild, reconstruct, recreate). The original use of the term "terraform" in planetary engineering was a process of transforming the atmosphere to create a more habitable living environment. Instead of a contrived copy of the earth elsewhere, as the definition of "terraform" commonly implies, we seek to reform the earth in place. Our intention is to repair the atmosphere of our world by fostering designs that reform the current pollution causing global trends.




Liana Grobstein

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Emeritus Fellows and Collaborators 



Diana Agrest
Matthias Böttger
Jean-Louis Cohen
John Hockenberry
Mitch McEwen
David Ruy
Mark Shepard
Michael Szivos
Jack Tchen
Billie Tsien
Adrian Welch
Karen Wong
Stan Allen
Christopher Beardsley
Louise Harpman, Specht Harpman
Christine Quinn
Carlo Aiello
Julie Bargmann
David Belt
Miquela Craytor
Dan D’Oca.
Evan Douglis
Jason Goodman
Robert Hammond
Andrew Kimball
Leslie Koch
Jonathan Marvel
William Moggridge
Mahadev Raman
Kate Ascher
Adrian Benepe
Amanda Burden 
Wellington Chen
Michael Colgrove 
James Corner
Helena Durst
David Gouverneur 
Matthias Hollwich
Bjarke Ingels
Roland Lewis
Victoria Marshall
Roberta Weisbrod
Adrian Benepe

Carol Coletta
Margaret Crawford
Bruce Lindsey
DJ Spooky, AKA Paul D. Miller
William J. Mitchell
Annie Novak
Shaun Osher
Margie Ruddick
Ben Schwegler
Cameron Sinclair &  Kate Stohr

Advisory Board
Marc Alt
Alison Chernick
Ryan Chin
Jerome Chou
Carol Coletta
Iain Couzin, PhD
Margaret Crawford, PhD
Dickson Despommier, PhD
Daniel D'Oca
Bill Dunster
Alexander Felson, PhD
Joseph Grima
Deb Johnson
Bruce Lindsey
Yanni A. Loukissas, PhD
Thomas E. Lovejoy
Geoff Manaugh
Victoria Marshall
Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky
James Patten, PhD
John Peterson, AIA
Mathan Ratinam
Frank Ruchala Jr.
Margie Ruddick
Michael S. Silver
Jason Vigneri-Beane
Joanna Underwood
Joanne Woodcock
Heather Woofter
Mimi Zeiger