governors hook


Governor’s Hook focuses on the issue of storm water retention in the Brooklyn Waterfront and feeds into a large research area of sea level affecting coastal areas and cities. We propose an investigation of adaptive reuse of former military vessels to create a riparian buffer zone that deals with issues of surges and flood management in New York Harbor. The goal is to combine the natural sedimentation techniques with the recycling of retired U.S. Naval ships from the National Defense Reserve Fleet [NDRF] and United States Navy reserve fleets to restore the natural water edge, to reinstate a diversified profile and to slow down the watercourse. This comprehensive model of the reimagined waterfront is based on one simple premise- instead of keeping the water out, the infrastructure is designed to let the water in. NY does not need to defend against water but instead share its presence with the existing estuary.

Credits: Mitchell Joachim, Maria Aiolova, Melanie Fessel and Hubert Studio, Christian Hubert, Linn Blasberg, Susanna Burrows, Adrian De Silva, Bojana Djukanovic, Shruti Grover, Elizabeth Haid, Jacqueline Hall, Andrew Liang, Pianka Paul, Savina Romanos, Josef Schrock, James Schwartz, Stefan Stanojevic, Ignacio Suqu

Credits: Mitchell Joachim, Maria Aiolova, Melanie Fessel, Josef Schrock, Elisabeth Haid, Wagdy Moussa, James Schwartz, Jacqueline Hall, Greg Mulholland