Lukas Kronawitter

Director, Berlin Studio

Lukas Kronawitter is an architect and planner with diverse experience in research and 
sustainable design. His current practice focuses on the integration of natural resilient systems into traditional construction and planning services, identifying opportunities for cost savings, resource efficiency, and responsible water and waste cycles. In addition to practice, Lukas is an ardent researcher and educator in multiple facets of green urbanism. At the HafenCity University of Hamburg Department for Sustainable Urban and Infrastructure Planning, Lukas researched sustainable water management and co-authored the book "Water Sensitive Urban Design" published by Jovis in 2011. This research was applied to local problems in New York at Terreform ONE while assisting the ONE Lab School for design summer programs. At the Technical University of Munich, Department for Building Construction and Materials Science Lukas was awarded the German Chancellor Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for his work on life cycle management of recyclable building materials and the development of construction systems for expedient disassembly, and at the Berlin Research Society for Energy and Environmental Technology (Forschungsgesellschaft für Energie und Umwelt Technologie) his environmental impact assessments were critical for new energy infrastructure in northern Germany. His work has been presented at leading institutions including the United Nations in New York and UNESCO in Paris.